Youth Environment Service (2019)

In brief

The project includes youth from age of 8 to 24 with tailored messages and sports programme addressing competency, sustainability, human rights, gender-based violence, financial education, empowerment, sexual violence and drug abuse. The programme efforts will endeavour to mobilise, involve and educate women on options, alternatives and skills to manage their social, economic and health life styles.

Problem to be tackled

In Busia District, Uganda, a large proportion of the population – nearly one fifth, has unmet sexual and reproductive health needs, people and youth living with HIV/AIDS and/or pregnant young women. The beneficiaries are selected based on their social, economic, health and vulnerability needs assessments in conjunction with community youth structures, youth and women organisations or institutions in collaboration with Youth Environment Service (YES).

Local partner

Youth Environment Service’s overall goal is to contribute to information dissemination, poverty reduction and sustainable development in Busia District, Eastern region.

The organisation also work through advocacy, capacity building and building of development networks to empower women, youths and children to find their own way out of the crisis that has been caused by HIV and AIDS, environmental related poverty, social injustices, and human rights abuse using football.


The project will engage young people between the ages of 8-24 years as the ultimate beneficiaries of the programme – located in the entire 16 sub counties of Busia district, including at least 60% girls; at least 20% of people with disabilities and special needs will be involved; the project works in a network of 50 primary schools and 25 secondary schools.

SOL’s contribution

With support of The SOL Foundation Youth Environment Service will be able to improve on the living environment and health situations of young people and especially those affected with poor environmental and health indicators in rural and urban settlement using the power of sports.

Project partner

Youth Environment Service (YES) was founded by a group of young volunteers with the objective to support Africans communities in the fields of environment, health, women empowerment and education through football, music, dance and drama. The organisation uses football as a tool to promote positive knowledge and behaviour change for teenagers in Uganda.