Youth Environment Service

In brief

The project conducts community-based service delivery through outreach interventions to increase availability and access to sexual reproductive health services, prevention of HIV infection, teenage pregnancy, drug substance abuse and mental health illnesses. Football is used to contribute towards ending all forms of gender-based violence, to ensure access to quality health services for the adolescent young people, to empower young women and girls and challenge and change social norms, and to encourage girls continue with schooling.

Problem to be tackled

The project is designed to tackle the increasing high rates sexual gender-based violence, the leading cause of teenage pregnancy. In Busia, teenage pregnancy stands now at 27% from 31%, however, currently with girls out of school due to COVID-19 pandemic, HIV/STIs infection, teenage and unplanned pregnancy is on the increase. Adolescents between the age of 15-19 years account for a significant proportion (17.2%) of maternal deaths (UDHS 2016). Also, abortion complications are common in this age group.

Local partner

Youth Environment Service’s overall goal is to contribute to information dissemination, poverty reduction and sustainable development in Busia District, Eastern Uganda.

The organisation works to increase demand and access to quality integrated adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) services and life skills and knowledge through peer to peer mobilisation and support in regard to education, mentoring and empowerment while cognisant of gender inclusion, SRH rights and social economic trends among the youths in the district.


The project will engage young people between the ages of eight to 24 years as the ultimate beneficiaries of the programme – located in Busia District, Eastern Uganda and 12 sub counties, including at least 70% girls.

SOL’s contribution

With support of The SOL Foundation, Youth Environment Service will be able to launch the phase II of the existing Adolescent Girls’ Empowerment Project with the target to improve on the living environment and health situations of young people and especially those affected with poor environmental and health indicators in rural and urban settlement using the power of sports.

Project partner

Youth Environment Service (YES) was founded by a group of young volunteers with the objective to support Africans communities in the fields of of environment and waste management, water hygiene and sanitation, HIV/AIDS prevention, health, youth and women empowerment and education through football, music, dance and drama. The organisation uses football as a tool to promote positive knowledge and behaviour change for young people in Uganda.