YES! Tanzania

In brief

The SOL Foundation assists YES! Tanzania with the implementation of their Youth Empowerment through Sport programme in conjunction with further local partners, all committed to a youth development through sport approach and engaged to provide safe spaces with trained sports coaches and leaders who empower the young people they support.

Problem to be tackled

The primary aim of this project is to increase the number of participating girls living in the most disadvantaged areas of Arusha who successfully complete their secondary school education.

Education ends for many children after primary school; only three out of five Tanzanian adolescents, or 52% of the eligible school population, are enrolled in lower-secondary education and less complete secondary education. Less than a third of girls that enter lower-secondary school graduate.

Local partner

The programme has been operating for two years and supports organisations that are located in the Arusha area.

There are currently two projects, one is promoting inclusion through sport with a focus on street youths and the other is focusing on active learning through games to enhance education in schools. The training curriculum currently covers 17 topics and includes a Gender Equality Programme, a Life-skills Programme as well as Train the trainers – including workshops.


The beneficiaries are children and adolescents aged between 12 and 18 years, 50% male and 50% female including young people with special needs. 

The beneficiaries’ socio-economic background: young people living in the most disadvantaged areas of Arusha, living below the poverty line and facing economic and social barriers to education and sport.

SOL’s contribution

With the support from The SOL Foundation, YES! Tanzania will be able to improve the existing Youth Empowerment through Sport programme with a special focus on girls’ empowerment.

Project partner

YES! Tanzania is an international development organisation, based in Scotland, utilising the power of sport to transform the lives of disadvantaged young people.

‘YES’ stands for ‘Youth Empowerment through Sport’; sport, delivered in the right way, can help to empower vulnerable young people by building their resilience, confidence, self-esteem and positive attitudes, as well as life and leadership skills.