SOS-Children´s Villages – Summer Camp Italy (2020)

In brief

The SOL Foundation assists with an upgrade of facilities, namely a play area to pursue two main goals, a) to continue to expand the lake access and the beach area as an attractive area so that for every child and for every young person there is a leisure offer that appeals to them and where they like to spend time with other children and young people and b) to get children and teenagers excited about different types of exercise and sports.

Problem to be tackled

Safety and security of the many children at the SOS Children’s Holiday Village in Trentino.

Local partner

The SOS holiday village Caldonazzo is a popular and traditional holiday educational home of the SOS Children’s Villages. Every year, more than a thousand children from all European SOS Children’s Villages travel there for three to four weeks during their summer holidays. Housed in simple bungalows and tents, the children are cared for and challenged by the untiring and affectionately designated “Caldo Team”. During this time, the SOS mothers and fathers can enjoy their well-deserved holiday and the children in Caldonazzo a versatile and innovative leisure activities.

The SOS holiday village is a meeting place for children from many European countries. Through the colourful diversity of languages, cultures and ways of life, the children get to know and understand ‘foreign affaires’. Many find it easy to develop contacts and relationships in this environment. The SOS holiday village thus makes an important contribution to international understanding.

The common recreational activities in the holiday village are supervised and offered by committed teachers. In sports, the children learn their personal skills but also their limits. They learn to accept these limits or to overcome them through training. Football, volleyball and basketball are played together, as well as tournaments. There are also sports events for athletics, chess, swimming and table tennis plus games in the area and in the lake. Many children have learned to swim under the guidance of swimming coaches or passed swimming tests. Additionally offered are hiking, climbing and cycling tours to explore the surrounding area.


The beneficiaries come from over 40 European SOS Children’s Villages spending their summer vacation in the SOS Children’s Holiday Village in Caldonazzo, Italy.

SOL’s contribution

With support from The SOL Foundation SOS Children’s Villages can improve the facilities at the SOS Children’s Holiday Village in Caldonazzo, Italy – namely a new play area with focus climbing and moving.

Project partner

SOS Children’s Villages (SOS) was established in Austria in 1949 with the purpose to work with children who have lost parental and/or family care or are at risk of losing it. SOS believes that every child deserves the chance to thrive in a loving, stable family, with a secure home, a decent education and quality medical care.

Furthermore, SOS carries out preventive work by strengthening families, fostering positive upbringing and gender equality within families.