SOS-Children´s Villages – HEIMSPIEL

In brief

The SOL Foundation assists SOS Children’s Villages with the “HEIMSPIEL” programme, the provision of regular sport sessions in Austrian urban areas with limited playground space for children in their neighbourhoods.

Problem to be tackled

Playground for children in Austrian cities is visibly disappearing. Either no-play signs are put up or the space is built on in the first place. In addition, the limited space available is also claimed and used by many: from adults to young people to toddlers, everyone needs space and has different demands on it.

Local partner

Interpersonal contacts in the immediate residential environment are becoming less and less – not only among children but among all generations. “HEIMSPIEL” has set itself the goal of also counteracting this problem and, in addition to the playful sporting focus, bringing parents, residents and housing estate managers together in a safe and fun setting and counteracting the phenomenon of anonymity and loneliness in urban areas as well as promoting the social inclusion of people who have newly moved to the area.


The beneficiaries come from socially disadvantaged settlements where cultural differences and/or patriarchal structures exacerbate problems, where children have little support and neighbourhood structures or professional care are lacking.

SOL’s contribution

With the support from The SOL Foundation, SOS Children’s Villages will be able to implement and scale the so-called “HEIMSPIEL” programme, namely sport activities in the beneficiaries’ direct neighbourhoods to encourage active life and involvement.

Project partner

SOS Children’s Villages was established in Austria in 1949 with the purpose to work with children who have lost parental and/or family care or are at risk of losing it. SOS believes that every child deserves the chance to thrive in a loving, stable family, with a secure home, a decent education and quality medical care.

Furthermore, SOS carries out preventive work by strengthening families, fostering positive upbringing and gender equality within families.

Links to the project partner:

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