Mategemeo Women Association

In brief

The SOL Foundation assists Mategemeo Women Association in addressing the wider community problems of youth crime, idleness, joblessness and substance abuse by creating opportunities for the youth for participation and bringing out positive social change using the power of sports.

Problem to be tackled

In the Arusha Region in Northern Tanzania it’s mainly idleness, lack of skills, unemployment and youth crime in the community which needs to be tackled.

Local partner

The project uses sports to improve physical and mental health of the youth and to also develop their entrepreneurial skills for self-reliance; it facilitates the organisation of sports training and coaching activities and initiates an income project for the organisation.

The role of sport in the project is embedded to promote good mental and physical health among youth, to promote entrepreneurship through skills training, to develop youth leadership skills through mentorship and coaching and to promote discipline and self-confidence and self-esteem among youth.


The beneficiaries are seen as the most vulnerable and at the most destructive stage in life if not nurtured; Mategemeo Women Association identifies beneficiaries according to the factors location, age, disability, economic background, gender and learning status / schooling.

SOL’s contribution

With the support from The SOL Foundation, Mategemeo Women Association will be able to implement in-house trainings and outdoor weekly fitness coaching and exercises using yoga, football, basketball and other sports to improve the physical and mental health of young people as well as to develop entrepreneurial skills.

Project partner

Mategemeo Women Association’s purpose is to promote sporting, socio-economic development and environmental protection initiatives that benefits youth through sport and entrepreneurship activities and environmental conservation initiatives.

The activities include sports training and coaching in the areas of health and wellness, self-esteem development and entrepreneurship in yoga, fitness, football and basketball and the initiation of an income generation project.