Leicester City in the Community

In brief


The SOL Foundation assists Leicester City Football Club Trust Limited (Leicester City in the Community) with the implementation of the project “Team Mates” in Spinney Hill and Charnwood, Leicestershire using football and a mix of sporting, coaching, educational and personal development sessions to keep the beneficiaries engaged, to help with the personal development and to reduce any antisocial behaviour.

Problem to be tackled

Antisocial behaviour amongst young people and youth violence – impacting their prospects as well as community safety and cohesion. Additionally, Covid-19 induced reductions in youth work/provision, opportunity inequality, issues and challenges caused by disadvantage and deprivation which have been enhanced by Covid-19 – all of which prevent young people reaching flourishing and reaching their potential.

Local partner

“Team Mates” will provide young people with regular, accessible positive diversionary activities; as such, young people will mainly be occupied during high-risk times, decreasing boredom and limiting the potential opportunities for them to engage in antisocial behaviour. In the long-term, “Team Mates” will stimulate benefits way beyond keeping young people occupied and increasing their physical activity levels.


Leicester City in the Community is targeting “Team Mates” at young people aged 8-18 local to their community hubs in Spinney Hill and Charnwood. In both of these communities, these young people have been identified as those at high risk of committing, or previous engagement in, antisocial behaviour. 

SOL’s contribution

With the support from The SOL Foundation, Leicester City in the Community will be able to implement the weekly “Team Mates” programme in Spinney Hill and Charnwood and to impact prospects as well as community safety and cohesion.

Project partner

Leicester City Football Club Community Trust (Leicester City in the Community) is an independent, registered charity harnessing the power of football to inspire individuals to achieve their full potential.

Leicestershire is made up of vibrant, ambitious and resilient communities. It has long been a progressive model of multiculturalism, its civic identity enriched by its diversity. Despite this immense spirit, the county is faced with unprecedented social challenges, such as unacceptable numbers of children living in poverty, below average education attainment and record levels of antisocial behaviour and crime. Leicester City in the Community’s role within Leicestershire is to listen to the communities, understand their challenges and respond to these needs at a local level, as they know their communities are large and varied, and as such a one-size-fits-all approach will not work.