Impact measurement Laureus SOL

Laureus Sport for Good Germany [impact measurement]

In brief

Impact measurement Laureus SOL


The SOL Foundation assists Laureus Sport for Good Germany improving monitoring and evaluation in Sports for Development – impact measurement through development, validation and revision of constructs and questionnaires.

Problem to be tackled

There is a lack of evidence-based programme management in the Sport for Good sector. While funded organisations are generally required to run a minimum of monitoring and evaluation, different quality levels are noticed which often result in incomparable data about the sector with an impact on the quality of MEL frameworks, the selectivity of outcomes and indicators as well as in the frequency and methods of data collection.

Local partner & project

The project aims to further professionalise organisations in the Sport for Development sector by developing and implementing a standardised MEL Framework; the choice of appropriate measurement tools is seen as crucial for the achievement of any objectives since those are often perceived as very specific.

Implementation partner is Mainlevel Consulting AG, a Germany-based consultancy company specialised in monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) as well as digitalisation.


The project beneficiaries will be mainly organisations funded by Laureus Sport for Good Germany as well as The SOL Foundation.

SOL’s contribution

With the support from The SOL Foundation, Laureus Sport for Good Germany will be able to develop and provide theory-based items and approaches in order to further professionalise monitoring and evaluation of Sport for Good organisations and facilitate stringent data on impact of the sector.

Project partner

Laureus Sport for Good Germany was founded in 2001 as the first national Laureus Foundation and uses the power of sport with the aim of supporting disadvantaged children and young people in their personal development and thereby having a positive influence on society. Since 2009, Austria has also been part of the foundation’s field of action.