Kicken ohne Grenzen (2018)

In brief

Kicken ohne Grenzen coaches adolescents in various teams from over ten different nations in weekly training units and sessions. The initiative aims to support young people in developing soft-skills like self-confidence, teamwork, leadership skills or resilience, which help the beneficiaries to get access to the educational system or to find a job.

Additionally,  Kicken ohne Grenzen also equips young people with skills they can use to organise own projects and programmes in their communities or in (partner) schools, so participants can actively impact their social environment and act as role-models for other adolescents.

Problem to be tackled

The integration of refugees into (Austrian) society.

Local partner

Kicken ohne Grenzen, as a registered Non-Governmental Organisation, provides a platform that is using the integrative power of football to enable disadvantaged people to grow into society and actively create their future. The initiative is supporting people of every cultural background in finding opportunities to participate in all aspects of Austrian society – covering mainly the areas personal development, social integration and team building, gender equality, education and training as well as youth leadership.


The project focuses on refugees,  50% boys and 50% girls, aged 8 to 24 years, and their ‘mission’ to (re-)enter into the education system or start working towards a normal life or a career.

SOL’s contribution

With the support of The SOL Foundation, Kicken ohne Grenzen will be able to expand their actual activities in a sustainable way and to offer improved programmes like for example the #BeASkillCoach Academy – that equips participants with soft and hard-skills to work in the sports area or start grassroots projects in their own communities.

Project partner

Kicken ohne Grenzen is a football project in Vienna/Austria for the benefit of young people from vulnerable communities, namely refugees. The project enables young people to take part in regular football training sessions – for free and without any admission criteria. The initiative also facilitates participation in additional educational programmes like the #BeASkillCoach Academy, job training days or chess lessons to build soft skills.