kick mit Austria (2017)

In brief

kick mit Austria aims to female target groups with difficult initial conditions such as social problems and / or migration background. The general approach includes girls and women in motion, girls and women in responsibility and women in function.

The initiative started in Vienna, a satellite in Salzburg has been created in conjunction with akzente Salzburg and in autumn 2017 the satellite in Vorarlberg has been added to the portfolio with the implementation partner FC Lustenau 1907.

Football training for girls from girls: the primary goal is to inspire girls between the ages of 6 and 16 for movement and thus to spark interest in sports and joint activities, as well as to stimulate personal development processes; attendance is free of charge for a school year and they can practice themselves in football or just try out. In addition to the athletic aspect of the units with football, the goal is to strengthen the participating girls in their self-esteem as well as in their positive body feeling and in addition to educate the older players to become a coach and community leader.

Problem to be tackled

kick mit Austria targets to support women and girls with migration background with the main approach of integration, recognition, participation and empowerment paired with education.

Local partner

FC Lustenau 1907 implements the defined programme in Vorarlberg. It is the oldest football club in Vorarlberg and founding member of the Vorarlberg Football Association.


The project targets children and youth who mainly come from migration background in Vorarlberg; a specific coach the coaches module targets to integrate “normal” youth in the project and to give them responsibility in leading youth groups with different backgrounds.

SOL’s contribution

Between the years 2017 and 2020, The SOL Foundation assists kick mit and its Vorarlberg implementation partner, FC Lustenau 1907, in connecting children and youth from migration background with their new communities. Additionally, local youth is going to be approached to be part of the integration process by contributing time and as a quid pro quo gaining a coaching qualification.

Project partner

kick mit Austria, based in Vienna, is an association for the promotion of sports activities for young people with difficult starting conditions.