Käfig League

In brief

Käfig League intends to pass on central values – by using the medium of sports – to strengthen communities and to support the living-together of various groups within the city of Vienna in Austria.

Vienna’s city parks, recreational areas and public sports sights (also known as ‘Käfige’ = cages) are a meeting point for numerous kids and adolescents, who out of various reasons do not take part in school or organised afterschool activities.

Problem to be tackled

Linguistic, social or economic barriers often prevent children and adolescents from taking part in recreational activities and therefore from integration.

Local partner

Käfig League targets to provide useful and free leisure-activities mainly for underprivileged youth. Through the implementation of regular football training sessions kids and adolescents find support in coping with their daily problems and their personal development including aspects of integration as well as the prevention of violence.

Through sport and in particular football Käfig League strives to make a positive contribution towards  their communities and to better the living together between all groups and focus on personal development of the participants.


The beneficiaries are kids and adolescents aged between 6 and 14 years, 90% male and 10% female including special needs. The majority of the participants are marginalised and share an underprivileged socio-economic background.

SOL’s contribution

With the support from The SOL Foundation Käfig League will be able to implement training sessions and tournaments, external workshops in the field of political education, democracy, anti-discrimination and non-violent communication as well as specific camps.

Project partner

Käfig League exists since 2010 as part of “Caritas der Erzdiözese Wien”.

The initiative intends to pass on central values – by using the medium of sports – to strengthen communities and support living – together with various groups within the city of Vienna.