Inkwenekwezi Youth Development Sporting Foundation

In brief

Inkwenekwezi Youth Development Sporting Foundation offers sporting programmes to better the lives of underprivileged youth – mainly through integration of physical and educational activities in the school curriculum, three times per week in school and five times per week out of school in a safe and enabling environment.

Problem to be tackled

Young people in Peddie still have no safer spaces to call their own. In South Africa there are roughly five million children under the age of five. Unless things change, half of these children will never be exposed to any form of out-of-home learning experience.

Tapping into social networks is the most common way of getting a job among youth. But most young people in Peddie not in employment, education and training – lack the connections to find work and access to educational material and online learning. Thus, unemployment, crime, violence and unsafe behaviour are still staggeringly high among young people, Gender Based Violence in relationships is a norm.

Local partner

Inkwenkwezi Youth Development Sporting Foundation is implementing the programme at the Ukhuselo Lwa-Bantwana Edu-Sport Safe-Hub with quality after-school programmes in a safe and enabling environment, skill development for underprivileged youth, computer lab training as well as infrastructural improvements especially for sport and physical education.


Inkwenkwezi Youth Development Sporting Foundation works with an age group up to 25 years, with 60% females and 40% males including children and youth with special needs in a rural context.

SOL’s contribution

With the continued support of The SOL Foundation, Inkwenkwezi Youth Development Sporting Foundation will be able to implement the next strategic phase using the power of sport bringing together conflicting communities at a safe space, the Ukhuselo Lwa-Bantwana Edu-Sport Safe-Hub, for out-of-school programmes specifically conceptualised to complement in school programmes and after school learning pathways.

The co-operation has started back in 2019, The SOL Foundation assisted Inkwenkwezi Youth Development Sporting Foundation to implement an in-school-out-of-school programme with the focus on sport for development in the context of life skills and learning..

Project partner

Inkwenkwezi Youth Development Sporting Foundation is a rural youth-led non-governmental, not-for-profit company that uses the power of sport to educate, inspire and mobilise at-risk youth in Ngqushwa local municipality, in the Eastern Cape – Peddie, South Africa.

The organisation was formed by unemployed graduates in 2015 to respond to triple challenges of the South African government, namely poverty, inequality and unemployment in the context of early childhood and youth development using sport as enabler and to give back to their communities and to gain practical workplace skills with the strategic intent to empower young people so that a dream of a crime free society wherein the youth is safe, employable, academically achieving, healthy and socially connected is realised.