Ich will da rauf climbing

“Ich will da rauf!” (2020)

In brief

“Ich will da rauf!” e.V. offers inclusive climbing to people with and without disabilities. The project intends to spread out to new beneficiaries of a proven model focussing on inclusion using the power of sport and especially of climbing.

Problem to be tackled

“Ich will da rauf!” e.V. knows about the impact of inclusive climbing and sees the approach to be replicated elsewhere. So, “Ich will da rauf!” e.V. started “Inclusion Rocks!” in the beginning of 2019, a programme aiming at sharing the know-how and spreading the methodology across German-speaking countries and supporting other clubs and NGOs in establishing inclusive climbing groups.

Local partner

The key areas of the programme include the individual support for individual partner organisations, relevant resources for the support of the project partners, exchange within the “Inclusion Rocks!” network as well as measuring impact.


“Ich will da rauf!” e.V. is expecting to qualify and support organisations in establishing inclusive climbing groups; half of these groups will be groups for kids only, the rest are teenager and adult groups or groups for families. One focus is on the empowerment of girls; all climbing groups equally represent people with and without disabilities.

SOL’s contribution

With the support from The SOL Foundation, “Ich will da rauf!” e.V. will be able to implement their Inclusion Rocks! programme, based in Munich, with the intention to spread out to various locations across German-speaking countries in Europe.

Project partner

Ich will da rauf!” e.V. (IWDR) is a non-profit organisation, based in Munich, Germany, and local climbing club focusing on inclusion through climbing and brings people with and without disabilities together through regular climbing groups.

Climbing is a sport that can be done by anyone and is challenging for everyone. That makes it ideal for inclusive groups. Many of the participants would not be able to kick a ball or even walk, but they do manage to climb up a ten-meter wall – at the difficulty level of their choice. At IWDR everyone regardless of age, gender, origin, sexual orientation, religion or ability is welcome. The credo is: everyone is different and that is normal.