Ich will da rauf climbing

“Ich will da rauf!”

In brief

“Ich will da rauf!” e.V. offers inclusive climbing to people with and without disabilities. The project provides various activities for the benefit of club members and different climbing groups.

Problem to be tackled

The demand for inclusive sport activities in Munich remains great. The inclusive climbing activities are well known across Munich, which comes along with a long waiting list. With the Covid-19 pandemic, efforts to drive inclusion have suffered a major setback. People with disabilities have simply been forgotten in the measures taken to combat the pandemic. The project aims to further strengthen the local programme for inclusion by creating and maintaining a meeting place where people with and without disabilities can experience community and self-efficacy and, last but not least, have fun climbing together.

Local partner

By bringing people with and without disabilities together in joint climbing groups, “Ich will da rauf!” provides access to climbing for people with disabilities and creates a safe space for exchange and common experiences between people with and without disabilities. This exchange again reduces barriers and jointly they challenge the perception of being “normal”.


The main beneficiaries are the club members and the different climbing groups. The climbers themselves as well as the non-climbers among the club members and all the members’ families and partners belong to the “Ich will da rauf!” community and benefit from lively exchange, from mutual advice and from living inclusion at club events.

SOL’s contribution

With the support from The SOL Foundation, “Ich will da rauf!” e.V. will be able to implement their unique inclusive climbing programme in Munich, named Munich ICE – Inclusive Climbing Enthusiasts!”.

Project partner

Ich will da rauf!” e.V. (IWDR) is a non-profit organisation, based in Munich, Germany, and local climbing club focusing on inclusion through climbing and brings people with and without disabilities together through regular climbing groups.

Climbing is a sport that can be done by anyone and is challenging for everyone. That makes it ideal for inclusive groups. Many of the participants would not be able to kick a ball or even walk, but they do manage to climb up a ten-meter wall – at the difficulty level of their choice. At IWDR everyone regardless of age, gender, origin, sexual orientation, religion or ability is welcome. The credo is: everyone is different and that is normal.