The SOL Foundation

The Naz Foundation (India) Trust (2016)

In brief

Goal is a girls empowerment programme in schools and communities using Netball and life skills education, transforming lives of adolescent girls throughout India.

Problem to be tackled

Lack of adequate information and equal opportunities for the majority of 113 million adolescent girls during their critical growth period (12-20 years).

Local partner

The SOL Foundation

The Naz Foundation (India) Trust, est. 1994, is a New Delhi-based NGO working on HIV/AIDS and sexual health issues; through the years it has evolved to implement a holistic approach for combating HIV, involving prevention as well as treatment with focus on reaching out to marginalised populations infected or affected by HIV to help reduce stigma, improve health, and empower families. Naz also aims to sensitise the general population to the prevalence of HIV and to highlight issues related to sexuality and sexual health.


Naz India piloted Goal programme in 2006 with 69 girls in New Delhi, India and since than the programme has impacted more than 28’000 girls in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. The flagship ten months modality of Goal programme uses Netball as a medium to reach out to adolescent girls and delivers life skills education to enable them to take informed decisions and impart knowledge about health & hygiene, financial literacy, communication, rights and gender based violence.

The qualitative evaluation of the programme shows that the girls who engage in the programme are more confident, know about menstrual health and hygiene and the prevention of HIV and other sexual diseases, physically more active and enhanced their communications skills.

Additionally, the Goal participants have also played at the School, State and National level Netball tournaments.


Underprivileged girls in their adolescence are at a critical age where they can easily fall off the grid by dropping out of school, getting pregnant or contracting HIV. By directly working with young girls, and enabling them to become change agents, it has been estimated that additional members of their family and communities can be impacted.

Adolescent girls account for nearly 11% of the Indian Population; most of them have limited understanding of how to protect themselves and manage the outside world. Even though they are an important part of the development process, adolescent girls are vulnerable to range of health issues, including HIV infection, due to social norms that often restrict them from making decisions about early marriages and sexual relations. The health of these girls has an ongoing, inter-generational effect, as they are the mothers and influencer of tomorrow.

Goal is focused for those girls in the following areas:

  • Be Yourself – the activities relate to communication, building self-confidence and valuing what it means to ‘be a girl’
  • Be Healthy – the activities relate to general health, reproductive health, and hygiene
  • Be Empowered – the activities relate to rights, freedom from violence and an understanding of how to access resources and institutions in the community
  • Be Money Savvy – the activities cover topics around money: saving, spending, making, storing and borrowing

SOL’s contribution

Between the years 2016 and 2019, The SOL Foundation assists to spread out the programme by supporting the existing initiative in Chennai as well as by expanding to Punjab and therefore to add further impact to the Goal programme and the so far more than 26’000 beneficiaries.

Project partner

Women Win

The SOL Foundation

Women Win targets to equip adolescent girls to exercise their rights through sport by connecting the global sport, development and women’s movements. This includes the ongoing development of new tools and ways to promote sport as a strategy to empower adolescent girls, open source guidelines and grassroots approaches with a clear women’s rights approach.

Standard Chartered Bank

The SOL Foundation

Standard Chartered created the “Goal“ programme in order to the issue that many of the more than 600 million girls who live in the developing world lack the opportunities and skills needed to reach their full potential.

Goal uses sports training and life skills education to empower young girls and teaches critical facts about health, communication, rights and managing their personal finances in order to help transform not just their own lives, but those of families, friends and future generations.

The Goal programme was launched in New Delhi in India in 2006, today, the programme runs in 18 different countries.

Goal is a global programme of Standard Chartered.