In brief

The SOL Foundation assists Globalteer with the project “Cambodia Sports Programme”, which brings sport to the kids in their own communities and by combining sports with social messages; children not only learn new skills, but also grow in confidence and find ways to face challenges, assert their rights and voice their opinions.

Problem to be tackled

Children throughout Cambodia, but particularly in rural areas, face major problems on a daily basis, including poverty, poor education, insufficient health care, limited access to potable water, child labour, sex trafficking and child marriage. Poverty poses a significant barrier to formal education, inability to afford uniforms/supplies, helping the family is prioritised over education, which means children don’t have access to opportunities to overcome poverty in the future. Children often become invisible in society and are not encouraged to express their opinions, assert their rights, or have the confidence to stand up for themselves. These problems are even more significant for girls; as they get older their drop-out rates become higher, especially in rural areas, often because they begin seeking jobs to help their families financially.

Local partner

Globalteer targets at risk groups of children and young people in rural Cambodia. Sport was identified as a way – alongside education – to empower these children to express their opinions, assert their rights and access opportunities to overcome poverty.

The aim of the programme is also to provide access to multiple sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, athletics, ultimate frisbee, calisthenics and general fitness training and supplementary physical activities such as jump rope, fun active games, juggling.


The main focus will be on children from the rural communities in the Siem Reap province, which is one of the poorest provinces in Cambodia; the area experiences high levels of poverty, low levels of formal education and high levels of school dropout, the main source of income for the families is small-scale rice farming.

SOL’s contribution

The SOL Foundation and Globalteer have been partners since 2019. With the continued and additional support of The SOL Foundation Globalteer will be able to continue and to grow the “Cambodia Sports Programme” at Helping Hands School for the students as well as the broader community in Prasat Char and surrounding villages in Siem Reap province in Cambodia.

Project partner

Globalteer‘s vision is to have a world where human and animal suffering are minimised and the future of our planet is safeguarded by effectively harnessing the goodwill of people who share this vision.

Their mission is to empower communities through better opportunities and care for people and animals in need; the activities include education, child protection, nutrition, sports, gender equity, community development, animal welfare and a volunteer programme.