Football Without Borders (2018)

In brief

Football Without Borders is a registered NGO and Public Benefit Organisation based in Gauteng, South Africa. The organisation started operating on the ground in August 2016 in Zandspruit Informal Settlement and expanded to Kromdraai Informal Settlement in January 2017.

Problem to be tackled

Youth without a safe space in a rural setting were young people are provided with tools to address areas relating to health education, academic support, sport development and/or career guidance skills.

Local partner

Football Without Borders implements the programme ‘Life On The Ball’ with focus HIV/Aids and ‘Learning Through Football’ with focus general education assisting to improve numeracy and literacy skills.

The girls’ empowerment programme ‘Lezinthombi Ziyakhona’ (These Girls Can) uses football to provide opportunities for girls to participate in sports and physical activity and learn life skills.

Finally, Sports Safe Hub, a containerised programme, is currently the project Football Without Borders is working on in Kromdraai.


The particular project focuses on beneficiaries with a socio-economic background as poor black working class with mostly lack of services to decent accommodation and electricity and water, young people, aged 10 to 17, 50% girls, 50% boys, 10% with special needs, in school and out of school in the rural area of Kromdraai.

SOL’s contribution

With the support of The SOL Foundation, Football Without Borders will be able to start their real mission as a young organisation and to organise the future ‘tool kit’ including equipment as well as infrastructural assistance or the implementation of an After School Homework Club.

Project partner

Football Without Borders uses sport particularly football and boxing and martial arts to engage youths in areas such as health education, general education, gender inequality, leadership and community development through integrating life skills training with the sports programmes.