Football Without Borders

In brief

Football Without Borders is a registered NGO and Public Benefit Organisation based in Gauteng, South Africa with a subsidiary in Kenya. The extended co-operation focuses on projects for the benefit of the girls’ empowerment programme “Girls Can’t Wait” in South Africa and the “Football 4 Agriculture” project in Kenya.

Problem to be tackled

In the South Africa project the problem to be tackled is the lack of education and awareness of menstruation hygiene management and sexual reproductive health related to HIV/Aids for young girls in disadvantaged communities, whereas in Kenya it’s poor health, poverty, unemployment and food insecurity.

Local partner

Football Without Borders South Africa implements the project “Girls Can’t Wait” which is a component of the Lezintombiziyakhona Programme that specifically addresses the topic of menstruation hygiene management as well as topics related to sexual reproductive health related to HIV/Aids.

Football Without Borders Kenya implements the project “Football 4 Agriculture” which is going to contribute towards the reduction of extreme poverty and food insecurity for youth; the project will address this need by engaging youth in a combination of football and agriculture activities that will provide them with opportunities to learn new skills, provide an income and support themselves and their families.


The projects focus on beneficiaries with a socio-economic background of vulnerable youth living in poverty and urban slums, with an age range of ten to 21 years and the majority being girls and young women.

SOL’s contribution

With the continued and additional support of The SOL Foundation, Football Without Borders will be able to implement a girls’ empowerment programme including various workshops or tournaments in South Africa; additionally, the grant assists in the overall establishment and development of Football Without Borders’ subsidiary in Kenya, founded in 2021, starting with a strategic programme that combines football and agriculture.

Project partner

Football Without Borders is an organisation that uses the power of sport, particularly football, to create a vehicle for social change in disadvantaged communities. They believe in equipping youth with leadership skills so they can tackle issues that they face in their communities, such as substance abuse, gender inequality, sexual reproductive health and access to education. Football is used as the core vehicle because it is the most popular sport in the world, and it is easy to use to spread messages and attract youth to the organisation. Football Without Borders not only aim to produce capable sports persons but also future leaders who are able to provide solutions to improve their respective communities.