DanceQweenz (with Laureus Foundation Switzerland)

In brief

The SOL Foundation assists the Laureus Foundation Switzerland with the implementation of the dance initiative DanceQweenz, introducing interested girls and young women to dancing as a sport at an early stage mainly to promote independence, empowerment, exercise and social integration.

Problem to be tackled

Studies show that sporting activity amongst girls over 12 years of age decreases significantly and is clearly lagging behind boys of the same age. The physical consequences of lack of exercise can be decisive for personal development and the confidence of young women.

Local partner

DanceQweenz, a national dance project, was launched by the Laureus Foundation Switzerland back in 2018; it supports girls and young women regardless of their origin or their social environment. The project was/is developed and implemented by, Child and Youth Promotion Switzerland who offer easily understandable information and concrete support for all areas of life of children and young people and their caregivers.

The project supports collective thinking, team spirit, and both coordination and cognitive skills. Social skills are developed, and common goals and activities promote togetherness, self-esteem and social integration. Involvement is encouraged through dance schools, youth work agencies, non-affiliated youth work and community and youth centres across German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland.

DanceQweenz takes the form of a dance competition, is open to all styles and supports inclusion, participation and sustainability as its main areas of focus.


The 100% inclusive project works with beneficiaries aged six to 22 years old, 100% girls and young women, economically, socially and physically disadvantaged.

SOL’s contribution

With the support from The SOL Foundation, Laureus Foundation Switzerland will be able to increase their ongoing support of the DanceQweenz initiative with focus to grow the number of project locations across Switzerland and further plans for workshops, events and competitions.

Project partner

The Laureus Foundation Switzerland supports and promotes the realisation of charitable objectives through sport in the context of involving children and young adults in sport and physical activity. The foundation encourages children and young adults to exercise, integrate and develop their character through sport and the values associated with it and currently (2020) supports more than 10’000 children in Switzerland each year through social sports projects. The commitment of over 20 ambassadors act as a major source of motivation for the children and young adults involved in the programme.