Association of Kigali Women in Sports (2019)

In brief

The Association of Kigali Women in Sports (AKWOS) strongly believes that sports is a powerful tool to help tackling negative cultural norms that still hinder girls to reach their full potential. Sport in Rwanda has been and still is to some extent considered a male game. By allowing girls to participate equally in sport, especially football, norms are challenged. Focus of the co-operation with The SOL Foundation is to reduce the danger of unwanted pregnancies by promoting sport activities as a tool to raise awareness on prevention and sensitisation.

Problem to be tackled

The danger of unwanted pregnancies and the protection on gender-based violence.

Local partner

AKWOS is implementing the project in the Eastern and Northern provinces of Rwanda, the relevant districts are Ngoma and Rulindo with five sectors each.

The project goal is defined with a reduced rate of teen pregnancies and an increased number of women participating in sports with positive changes of mind-sets and a boost of self-confidence. The trained youth is foreseen to be ambassadors of change.


This project focuses on teen mothers aged 15 to 20. AKWOS has identified those as the most vulnerable group because of high percentage of unwanted pregnancies, which lead to health issues and stigma.

SOL’s contribution

With the support of The SOL Foundation AKWOS is going to promote sport activities as a tool to raise awareness on prevention and sensitisation to reduce the danger of unwanted pregnancies. 

Project partner

Association of Kigali Women in Sports (AKWOS) is based in Rwanda; its mission is to empower East-African girls and women through sports and education by contributing towards the alleviation of poverty, HIV/AIDS prevention and improving the well-being. 

Its vision is to achieve a society where all forms of discrimination based on gender have been eradicated, where women participate fully in political and economic decision-making and conflict resolution and where women’s rights are respected.