Amandla (2017)

In brief

The Safe-Hub in Khayelitsha, Cape Town should become the first Safe-Hub Academy for selection, training and support of 15 NGOs to implement 15 Safe-Hubs, reaching 150’000 children and youth in South Africa’s most disadvantaged communities in the next three years (2017 -2019) while still offering all “football for good” and education programmes to young people in the direct catchment area.

Problem to be tackled

AMANDLA’s key socioeconomic outcomes include:

  • Reducing gang membership and youth violence,
  • Reducing substance abuse,
  • Improving primary, secondary and tertiary education results,
  • Improving health condition of young people,
  • Increasing positive citizenship and
  • Decreasing youth unemployment.

Local partner

AMANDLA’s Safe-Hub Academy

The Safe-Hub is a model for youth development that has proven to be effective in addressing some of the persistent national and global development challenges. Through a social franchise system the model has been refined in preparation for implementation at scale with the five key functions:

  • To facilitate collaboration of holistic youth development between pub-lic, non-governmental and corporate sector.
  • To provide young people with daily access to holistic learning and per-sonal development through a football programme.
  • To provide young people with access to the services, opportunities and support needed to transition into meaningful employment, education or training.
  • To provide access to an e-learning, educational and citizen’s services internet network.
  • To be the anchor of local, holistic football development aligned.


Beneficiaries come from the slum areas around Khayelitsha (population 400’000 / catchment area 1’000’000) affected by violence, poverty, crime, neglect, racism or a lack of formal school education. The consequences especially for children and youth are obvious: drug abuse, shattered families, lack of prospects, over half of the 18-25 year olds are unemployed, poor social structures, no leisure facilities or early pregnancies. These factors all impact on self-esteem, aspirations and work-readiness.

The Academy approaches in a first phase 15 NGOs from the planned 100 NGOs all over South Africa.

SOL’s contribution

Between the years 2017 and 2019, The SOL Foundation assists primarily with the education and work readiness aspects of AMANDLA’s actual work in Khayelitsha reaching out to the beneficiaries on a weekly basis and the implementation of training workshops and programmes for 15 additional Safe-Hub teams and coaches to scale the impact across South Africa and additionally on the strengthening of support structures and team to ensure and maintain high-quality programmes at all sites as well as to constantly innovate the football-based development programmes.

Project partner

AMANDLA EduFootball is an international non-profit organisation based in South Africa and Germany, its vision is a world in which all young people access equal opportunities, strive to realise their full potential and dare to dream; its mission is to create safe spaces that bring together the power of football and learning to empower youth and change lives.

AMANDLA is endorsed by the United Nations Office on Sport for Develop-ment and Peace and has won numerous international awards such as the Beyond Sport Award for the impact of its Safe-Hub® model.