In brief

The SOL Foundation assists Amandla with the project “Safe-Hub Global”, which follows the approach to generate collective impact through holistic youth development, thereby achieving measurable and sustainable social impact along key building blocks of an environmental, social and governance ambition.

Problem to be tackled

In marginalised communities around the world there is an overwhelming dearth of safe and stable spaces, access to social and emotional development and prevalence of resources to support basic human needs. Despite political and social effort, the world is becoming an increasingly inequitable place. Just over four years since the adoption of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the response must be a whole-of-society approach; policy and legislation are not enough, nor is individual grassroots activity. It has become apparent that any comprehensive solution to the wicked problems of social inequity must include primary, secondary and tertiary preventative measures.

Local partner

Together with local impact partners, Amandla have created a collective impact platform for holistic change, offering participants a broad range of services, opportunities and support through football and other sports; Amandla have – as per end of 2021 – built six Safe-Hubs in South Africa, five more in construction, and are expanding to the United States and Germany with the aim to expand the model globally and to enter at least two additional countries by 2025.


The project reaches a diversity of beneficiaries of the global Safe-Hub model with the target of an equal representation compared to the population’s gender split, inclusive of all gender categories.

SOL’s contribution

The SOL Foundation and Amandla have been partners since 2017. With the continued and additional support of The SOL Foundation, Amandla will be able to go a next strategic step, namely, to expand the Safe-Hub model globally and so to further develop as well as to diversify the impact platform.

Project partner

Amandla was founded in Khayelitsha, a township in Cape Town, with the vision of a world in which all young people access equal opportunities, strive to realise their full potential and dare to dream; its mission is to create safe spaces that bring together the power of football and learning to empower youth and change lives.

Amandla’s catalyst are “Safe-Hubs”, physical and emotional safe spaces for people in slums and disadvantaged areas.