Alive and Kicking

In brief

Alive and Kicking works in Kenya, Zambia and Ghana using the power of football to keep adults in employment, help children play and to raise health awareness. The SOL Foundation assists with Health Outreach Programmes in Ghana and Zambia.

Problem to be tackled

Ghana: Malaria remains the number one cause of illness and death accounting for about 38% of all hospital admissions and 33% of all deaths in children under five.

Zambia: HIV remains a major public health issue, people are dying; leaving orphaned children behind, communities are fragmented and healthcare systems are under immense pressure; all having detrimental effects on society and the economy.

Local partner

Alive and Kicking implement the Health Outreach Programmes in Ghana and Zambia with the following main objectives:

  • Raise awareness of HIV and malaria among young people, their leaders and the community by training football coaches and teachers to deliver health related football drills.
  • Use football and football tournaments to
    a) provide HIV screening in a safe, supported and professional environment enabling young people to find out their status and
    b) distribute preventative malaria knowledge and equipment working with NGO’s and local charities.


Beneficiaries are in general children and youth in rural areas and areas of high prevalence of HIV and malaria in Ghana and Zambia. Additionally the project provides specialist training to deliver health education drills to young people for community football coaches and teachers.

SOL’s contribution

For the years 2018 and 2019, The SOL Foundation assists Alive and Kicking in reaching over 100’000 children and young people in Ghana and Zambia by using football and providing them with vital lifesaving health education and resources to not only use now but to pass to future generations as well.

Project partner

Alive and Kicking is an UK registered charity, founded in 2004, with a head office in London. It supports country operations in Kenya, Ghana and Zambia by sourcing funding for start-up and health programmes and by managing international sales, partnerships and strategy.