In brief

Youth For Community Academic And Development Services is a Liberian development organisation working in Clara Town and Sonewein communities and attempting to give youth in the slums of Monrovia new local perspectives.

Football & Culture – using sport to positively impact society: Football has been the most popular sport among Liberians. Over the years, football has proven to be the only unifying force that brings people together across ethnic, religious and social divides. It increases life options and capacitates communities to reconcile heal and manage tension and grievances through non violence approaches, reduces of fear and mistrust, hatred and division amongst youths and adults, boys, girls and other community stakeholders, it creates more cohesive relationship between and amongst ethnic and other social groups.

Problem to be tackled

There are many basic challenges like water supply, lack of sanitary facilities but the major challenges that Monrovia’s slum youth express today are limited vocational training and employment opportunities, insufficient business start-up capital, as well as inadequate sports and recreational facilities.