We Yone Child Foundation

In brief

We Yone Child Foundation is using the power of sport on their mission to provide sustainable education and care to underprivileged children in Kroo Bay and George Brook in Sierra Leone. The project includes a sport-based programme using football, boxing or martial arts which in an upgraded version will benefit more people in the community.

Problem to be tackled

This project is created out of the rise of teenage pregnancy, sexual violence and child abuses faced by young people in the two defined slum communities and the need to engage these young people using a popular game they love – namely football, boxing and martial arts – as a platform.

Local partner

Many at-risk young people are not engaged at all. Sport as a hook allows We Yone Child Foundation to reach the most at-risk young, as the activities give them a sense of status.

Social workers identify the most at-risk boys and girls, using participation in the tournament and also at risk teenage. Once engaged through sport We Yone Child Foundation provides them with educational support and business grants, to support them and their families continue taking responsibility of their education and needs.

We Yone Child Foundation uses also the popularity of football to spread sex education messages that otherwise would not reach so many at-risk young people.


The beneficiaries are children and adolescents aged between 8 and 18 years, 50% male and 50% female. The majority of the participants share an underprivileged and low socio-economic background, they are vulnerable slum children.

SOL’s contribution

With the support from The SOL Foundation, We Yone Child Foundation will be able to broaden their foundation work and to introduce the sport-based programme – in an upgraded version – to more people in the community that are in need of services.

Project partner

We Yone Child Foundation‘s mission is to provide sustainable education and care to underprivileged children in Kroo Bay and George Brook, Sierra Leone and overcome the social and environmental problems that deepen and perpetuate the cycle of poverty in these communities. The vision is defined with educated children and empowered families living in healthy, developed and integrated communities.

The main activities include education, health, child futures and family building.