Beneficiaries are children and teenagers and their families who are participants of SOS Programmes in Huancayo, Peru.

In Junín, approximately 20% of children less than 5 years old are chronic malnourished and 54% of children under 3 years are anaemic. Approximately 20% of families in that region are mono-parental. This represents a significant economic burden for single, mostly female, parents and often means that children have to contribute to the family income by working.

Domestic violence and violence against women specially affect children and young people, since they are witnesses and victims of both. In Peru sexual and gender-based violence represents a serious problem: 2015 around 71% of women had experienced some form of violence by their partner. In Junín this percentage reached 76.3% (42% physical and 7.3% sexual violence). This shows how important it is to tackle unequal gender relations, empower women and girls and engaging boys and men.