Local partner

Skateistan Cambodia is founded on the belief that skateboarding, like education, is a great equalizer. Knowing that children learn best when they are engaged and having fun, the programmes are designed to drive the curiosity of children and build on their eagerness to learn.

Outreach sessions: Outside of the Skate Schools, Outreach brings Skateistan’s Educators to children with limited resources. They introduce new communities to skateboarding through creative activities and develop partnerships to connect young people and their families with important social services. Children are invited to register and join other weekly programmes.

Children with disabilities: about 20% of Skateistan’s students have a disability, such as deafness, vision impairment or another physical or cognitive disability. Skateistan recognises the extraordinary capacity of children with disability to succeed in sport and their need to be included in the community. Educators and students work together to approach skateboarding and classroom activities in new ways, which accommodate all abilities.