In brief

The SOL Foundation assists the project Sei Dabei to use sport as a key area on the way to an inclusive society. The project tries to engage as many ‘players’ as possible in a cross-sectorial attempt in helping to realize the potential of sport to advance the inclusion and well-being of persons with disabilities and special needs.

Problem to be tackled

The benefits of physical activity are universal for all, including those with disabilities and special needs. The active participation of persons with disabilities and special needs in sports and recreational activities promotes inclusion, optimises physical functioning or enhances overall well-being. Despite these benefits, especially children with disabilities and special needs are more restricted in their participation, have lower levels of fitness and have higher levels of obesity than their peers without disabilities.

The project is designed that no matter what the special need or disability, the participants can take part in and enjoy the benefits of sport in a people-centred approach. Sport in this case is a “social inclusion tool” that empowers and promotes the inclusion of marginalized groups.