In brief

The Twinned Peace Sport Schools is the Flagship Initiative of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation. It uses the power of football to bring children together – the Twinning – from the different communities in order to mitigate fears, break down emotional barriers, create cross-cultural dialogue and equip the younger generations with the necessary tools to become constructive and influential leaders within their communities and the region.

Problem to be tackled

Children and youth in those regions are severely affected by conflict; they are highly susceptible to developing negative perceptions of the “other.” As the future of the region, they have the most to gain from the development of durable peace.
The initiative aims to integrate the different backgrounds and bring equality to Israel. The hope is to change the mind-set of the younger generations to see the other background in a positive manner so as they grow up they will still believe in what they have learnt, which in turn will change what the majority of the future population believes in.