The SOL Foundation

SOL’s contribution

Between the years 2016 and 2018, The SOL Foundation primarily focuses on the Education and Work Readiness aspects of MYSA’s work, with an additional contribution to the project’s HIV/AIDS Awareness programming. It allows MYSA to train 64 coaches, 64 referees and 40 first-aiders/physiotherapists, who as well as running MYSA’s sporting leagues – which involve coaching 24’000 young people aged 11-24 with a 70/30 male/female ratio – will have the opportunity to work in professional and organised sport thanks to their qualifications. 16 staff will be trained in delivering employability skills to the wider group of beneficiaries across Nairobi through an outreach programme, while the support also funds stipends for coordinators who manage the four slum libraries that provide a free and safe space for MYSA youth to learn, as well as the staff who run the HIV/AIDS educational sessions for youth at the main sites and through the outreach programmes.