Local partner

Mathare Youth Sports Association operates in the Mathare Valley, the second largest slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Mathare Youth Sports Association targets boys and girls ages 15-24 in this project. Based on the research, this age group is the most at-risk for contracting HIV and there are significant barriers – both physical and psychological – to accessing proper sexual and reproductive health services.

Mathare Youth Sports Association takes a wide-scale approach to its recruitment of youth participants. Through an intensive community outreach process, they train and empower peer educators from the local neighbourhoods who in turn train fellow youth and other members of their respective communities. Using football as the hook to get involved, once youth are engaged in programming Mathare Youth Sports Association then utilises partnerships with organisations like the Ministry of Health of Kenya, Medicines Sans Frontiers and the AIDS Health Care Foundation to get proper care and services to the participants as well as creating a robust referral system.