Local partner

In Zambia, JA Africa will partner with the Olympic Youth Development Centre (OYDC), which was established to provide sport and community development for young people and under-served segments of the population from surrounding communities in Lusaka. JA Africa will also leverage a previous partnership with the Barclays Junior league to hold training sessions for the athletes.

In Zimbabwe, JA Africa will partner with schools, which feed into the academies, especially those registered under the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) – a parasternal which regulates and promote the development of sport and recreation in the country. JA Africa will also work with the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) Junior League as well as the Premier Soccer League Clubs, all of which also have junior structures.

The South African Football Association (SAFA) is the selected partner to reach the target group in South Africa. The association has a junior league for youth who have taken to football as a profession. Notable among them is the Sasol League which is South Africa’s premier women’s football league with 144 teams and over 3’600 players who have an opportunity to participate in regular competitive football throughout the year. Alternatively, JA Africa will also partner with Grassroot Soccer in South Africa, an organisation that leverages the power of football to help young people overcome challenges, live healthier, more productive lives and be agents for change in their communities.