In brief

By bringing sport to the kids in their own communities and by combining sports with social messages, children not only learn new skills, but also grow in confidence and find ways to face challenges, assert their rights and voice their opinions.

Globalteer’s vision in and with their own school, the Helping Hands School in Siem Reap, Cambodia, is to see a generation of young Cambodian people for whom sport and physical education – and all the health, lifestyle and life-skills benefits that go with it – is a natural and integral part of their lives.

Problem to be tackled

The children of Cambodia face major problems on a daily basis: poverty, poor hygiene, insufficient health care, limited access to potable water, child labour, sex trafficking and exploitation and child marriage. These problems are even more significant for girls, as their access to education is limited – as they get older their dropout rates become higher, especially in rural areas, often because they begin seeking jobs to help their families financially.