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Future Hope, est. 1987, aims to give vulnerable street and slum children of Kolkata in India and its surroundings a stable environment to reach their full potential and become independent, self-sufficient and socially responsible young adults.


In 1987, while working for HSBC bank in Kolkata, Tim Grandage befriended a group of street children who looked after his car. Through meeting and talking with them he became aware of their numerous problems and needs, and realised he could not turn a blind eye to their plight. Tim’s involvement with the Nabu Jeeban centre run by Mother Theresa’s brothers also brought him into close contact with street kids who eked out an existence at Howrah Station. Tim soon moved a group of children into his own flat and looked after their most pressing medical and other needs. Within a couple of years he had left HSBC and enlisted the bank’s support for his new found charity. Having learnt that many street children in Kolkata gravitated to the main stations of Howrah and Sealdah, Tim often visited these places at night to try to persuade the most vulnerable to join those boys and girls already at Future Hope.