FundLife International Philippines  has an ‘all-in’ approach and welcomes all ability, all gender children.

In the Philippines, approximately one in four children born outside of Cebu and Manila are born into intergenerational poverty. In region 8 of the Philippines (Leyte and Samar), where FundLife has been working since 2014, the poverty rate is 47.8%. In Cebu, where FundLife has been working since 2017, the communities are all living below the national poverty line of USD$ 4.00 per day.

The project aims to directly reach children and youth through the launch of the Community Girls League and Community Boys League. The programme will also train local coaches to use sport as a tool for social development. FundLife works with beneficiaries in and out of school and has projects that deliver support to the most underserved public schools as well marginalised communities where children live in poverty.