Local partner

Cardiff City FC Community Foundation’s programme takes place at 12 community sites, engaging young people in a 44-week programme of weekly evening one/two-hour sessions and events during the Holiday periods.

At each site the programme differs slightly, as it is adapted to the needs and interests of the young people living in that area, however programme content remains largely the same.

Using the hook of the Cardiff City FC brand and the power of football, they engage young people living in this high risk, high need areas, those that other organisations have found difficult to reach, most of whom are yet to become involved in crime, and guide them towards a variety of sports, educational and personal development activities.

The programme content initially focuses on engaging young people in fun and physical activity to keep them interested and ensure they are involved in constructive activity each week. Around the physical activity sessions, they also provide a variety of educational and personal development activities for young people to choose from, including a range of workshops focussing on pertinent issues for young people.