In brief

BoxGirls Kenya uses boxing to impact girls to be sporty, secure and healthy and also be lifted as leaders and solution builders in schools and their communities. The programme works with girls and young women to break the silence on sexual abuse, to promote economic justice and to ensure that there is a critical mass of people supporting girls and young women’s freedom and social justice.

In all the programmes and activities sport remains the entry point, the kind of boxing is girl-friendly and not violent, stresses speed and accuracy, rhythm and good footwork. 

Problem to be tackled

BoxGirls Kenya’s priority is to see that girls and young women from the marginalised communities of Kenya are reached and informed on their rights hence increasing their opportunities of being great leaders who influence positive social change within their communities and also being women with strong personalities and able to achieve their aspiration. The programme encourages the beneficiaries to understand and take care of their bodies and eat wholesome affordable and health promoting food. The activities enable girls and young women to be more aware of their sexual and reproductive health and rights, to understand issues related to sexuality and to know where to report cases of sexual abuse.