In brief

Altus Sport’s ‘Life’s a Ball’ programme has five pillars through which positive values, personal development, physical activity, literacy and girl empowerment are promoted through sport:

  • Let’s Coach: works on personal development, leadership, sport skills, working with kids and values.
  • Let’s Move: works on sports skills, physical activity, fitness, movement and rhythm and values.
  • Let’s Read: works on reading, understanding, pronunciation, ball skills and values.
  • Let’s Lead: works on leadership, self-confidence, health, finances and sport.
  • Let’s Think: works on brain fitness, chess, concentration, strategy, proactive, ball skills and values.

Problem to be tackled

Altus Sport works in areas with poverty, abuse, weak education, weak family structures, no sport or proper physical activity opportunities, no role models (from highest to lowest level) or with a lack of basic values.