In brief

The SOL Foundation assists ACE Africa to provide support and resources to improve an existing football league with further ten primary schools in rural Tanzania. In these schools there is a large cohort of students from traditional communities and children are particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation. The schools are under-funded and children are deprived of additional stimulation, personal development and health benefits associated with sports activities.

Problem to be tackled

In the Arusha Region in Northern Tanzania, many children are in crisis. ACE Africa works with traditional Maasai communities, where e.g. early marriage or sexual violence are prevalent.

In traditional agro-pastoralist communities, boys are also often pressured into child labour at a young age. As a result of these experiences children are denied their right to a childhood, they are traumatised and lacking in self-esteem.

ACE Africa has seen through its Future Stars Football League, how football coaching and participation can provide a safe and fun outlet for children to build their confidence, develop new skills and learn to work as a team. Within this difficult context, there are also many factors discouraging children from attending school. Committing to a team sport, with support and guidance from trained teachers and counsellors, helps vulnerable children to stay in school for longer.